Do Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Eat Similar Food?

Guinea pigs and rabbits eat food that is similar to our own. However, they do not live together. Whether they can live together or not is a question of environment. Let’s learn about some of the similarities and differences between the two.


The two animals are related to each other in their diets and lifestyles. However, there are several differences between the two species. Guinea pigs are smaller and require smaller amounts of their food, while rabbits need up to three to four cups of food per day. Regardless of size, the food that guinea pigs and rabbits eat should be varied, including carrots and leafy greens. Ideally, a rabbit’s diet should be 80% vegetables, 20% fruits, and 20% tubers.


Although the two animals may look similar, they do not have much in common. Rabbits are bigger and can sometimes push mini guinea pigs out of the way. This can be dangerous as Peter Rabbit may try to assert his dominance over the Mini Guinea by denying it food.

Dependent on environment

Foraging is a common activity for guinea pigs and rabbit, but some plants are poisonous to both species. Avoid grass with fungus, rust, or other fungus-producing chemicals, and avoid grass that has been sprayed with herbicides or has been used by other animals. Foraging is also unsafe near busy roads.

Can’t live together

Despite the fact that both guinea pigs and rabbits eat similar foods, the two species cannot live together in a single cage. This is because of the different ways they communicate and behave. Although both species need companionship, they should be kept separate.


Guinea pigs and rabbits eat grass-based diets. However, they should not be fed bread, biscuits, or sugar. Their diets should consist of at least 70% grass-based hays, 20% fortified pellets, and 10% fresh produce. The fresh produce must be made up primarily of dark-green vegetables. Fruits and vegetables should be offered in small amounts. Unlike rabbits, guinea pigs should not be fed treats or snacks.


Guinea pigs and rabbits have similar diets, and both species enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables. Some of the most popular items are carrots, bell peppers with the seeds removed, and romaine lettuce. Other common items include parsley, cilantro, and mint. They will also enjoy hay, which is the only free-choice food.


Guinea pigs and rabbits eat foods very similar to humans. Their basic diets should be made of a diet rich in fibre and hay. It should contain no added sugar or starch. They also need a healthy dose of roughage for their teeth.

Changing guinea pig food to rabbit food can lead to gastrointestinal upset

One reason that changing guinea pig food to rabbit foods can lead to gastrointestinal upset is the differences between the two species’ digestive systems. Rabbits cannot digest soy, a popular ingredient in commercial pet food. Instead, they are best served with a diet high in hay. It is important to avoid adding grains or soy to your pet’s diet.