Why is My Rabbit Chewing Plastic?

Have you ever caught your rabbit munching on plastic? Here are some possible symptoms, causes, and remedies. You might also experiment with a different style of the plastic cage to keep your rabbit from harming it. These are the most prevalent options. Continue reading for more details! We also provide a free alternative option in the form of wood shavings! Please let us know if this works for you. We hope you found this post helpful! If so, please spread the word to other pet owners.


There might be many reasons why your pet rabbit is chewing on a plastic cage or object. Rabbits have very sensitive stomachs and may readily consume little particles of plastic. These little fragments, on the other hand, might cause blockage, discomfort, and irritation. If your pet exhibits these symptoms, you should call your veterinarian to determine the source of the issue. Your rabbit might have constipation or a GI tract blockage. In such circumstances, surgery is required.

A rabbit’s stomach may also be affected, resulting in watery feces or diarrhea. This may be quite dangerous. If your pet eats a plastic toy, it may pose a choking hazard. The plastic might have been sliced into little bits, which could be harmful to your pet. If your pet chews on a plastic toy, it may get stuck in its stomach and choke on it.


Because he is bored, your rabbit is most likely chewing on plastic in his cage. If this is the case, he may want more playing outside of his cage as well as extra care. You may assist him in changing his habit by providing him with more chewing materials. If he continues to chew on the plastic, he should see a veterinarian for additional treatment. If you can’t figure out why your rabbit is chewing, here are some ways to assist you to figure it out.

To begin, keep in mind that your bunny is not intended to nibble on plastic. He may, however, ingest little particles of plastic that will pass through his digestive tract without causing any problems. Nonetheless, if you notice bits of plastic flowing out of his stomach, you should clean it right away. Although plastic will not create any significant medical problems, it may make your rabbit uncomfortable and may induce constipation. Once you’ve determined what’s causing your rabbit to chew on plastic, you may try to keep him healthy.


When your rabbit begins eating plastic, one of the first things you should do is look for signs of GI Stasis. Because GI Stasis symptoms are sometimes hidden by your rabbit, it is important to keep an eye out for any indications of disease. If your rabbit refuses to eat, you should take it to the veterinarian right away. A blockage in the rabbit’s digestive system is often to blame.

Boredom is another typical reason for your rabbit chewing on plastic. It is important to give a range of chewable toys for your rabbit, such as a toy. A plastic toy is a safe and enjoyable option for your rabbit to gnaw on. If your rabbit is continuously chewing plastic, you must find an alternative. Your rabbit’s health will improve after the plastic is gone.


If your rabbit is chewing through the plastic hutch, you have a few options for stopping the destructive habit. A portable cage is one alternative. These solutions have shown to be effective for many pet owners. Some, though, have had little success. In this instance, a portable cage could be preferable. The advantages of these solutions are obvious: a portable cage prevents your rabbit from chewing up your furnishings. Install a strong PVC pipe around the legs of your furniture or put a board close to the baseboards.

Another option is compressed alfalfa cubes, which may be found at your local pet shop. You may also give your rabbit tree branches, but be aware that certain branches are poisonous to rabbits. Find out which branches are safe for your rabbit and buy them at your local pet shop. Give additional stroking and vocal praise as a reward. Healthy snacks and toys are also excellent ways to encourage your rabbit to chew.


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