Why Do Rabbits Fall Over After Mating?

Bunnies go through various rituals that demand a lot of energy while they are mating. This might require laying down for a minute or longer for male rabbits. Some rabbits recover their energy quickly and sit up, while others take longer to get up and walk about. The time required is determined on the degree of tiredness. Read more about these traditions to learn more. Some of the reasons rabbits collapse after mating are listed below.

Males and females engage in intersexual hostility.

The social order of European wild rabbits is comparable to that of European rabbits kept in groups. Males and females create distinct, linear ranking orders. The frequency of hostile contacts between males and females is high during the start of the reproductive season, as predicted. However, following the first day of group formation, the number of conflicts between males and females steadily declines, with a drop in aggressiveness in one group but not in the others. Males and females were aggressive on the first day of group formation, but the likelihood of doe injury decreased between days four and seventeen.

The pseudo-pregnancy stage lasts between days 17 and 20. After mating, males in the HOM group were more aggressive than males in the HET group. Mating efforts lasted longer in the HET group than in the control group. On the first day of mating, male activity was enhanced, with only two females seeking to mate with the same male. The first day of mating saw a rise in male activity, whereas the second day saw an increase in female activity and hostility between the sexes.

According to research, intersexual violence between men and females results in aggressive encounters between males and does, as well as falls over after mating. Aggression patterns change throughout the day and between light and dark phases. Female aggressiveness was highest in the morning, whereas nighttime aggression was highest six to eight hours after mating. Although this is the most apparent cause for the difference between the HOM and HET groups, it does not explain for the variances.

The findings of these investigations suggest that male aggressiveness is caused by a physiological process. The hypothalamus produces AVP, which is released when men meet unknown females, but production decreases when males encounter familiar females. When men are exposed to anti-social stimuli, the hormone enhances aggression. Researchers discovered that injecting AVP into the anterior hypothalamus increases aggressiveness in both men and females. A V1a receptor antagonist drastically lowered AVP release in males, resulting in less male hostility toward new females.

Rituals of courtship

Male rabbits start looking for a female in the spring, when they participate in strange courtship rituals. They will sprint, jump, pound, and punch. After mating, the male rabbit will ejaculate and fall over sideways. He will then continue his nighttime feeding routine. If he is unable to mate, he will continue his hunt for a female.

Male rabbits are polygamous, which means they will seek to procreate with any female within their dominant male’s area. This region is large enough to encompass 25 acres! This high density of rabbits may result in courtship behaviors. This behavior is commonly connected with the beginning of spring, and it may even cause rabbits to go insane around this period. Rabbits, in addition to mating rituals, fall down after mating to mate.

Male rabbits collapse after mating due to the significant physical effort required. This procedure entails systematically tensing and releasing muscles. Male rabbits are often quite fatigued after mating because they cannot hold their front paws. Their bodies create cortisol after copulation, causing them to collapse. When they collapse, it means they’ve successfully mated. Some individuals, however, may not want their rabbits to fall over after mating, thus this method may not be suitable for everyone.

A doe will get restless as she becomes responsive to a buck, rubbing her chin against things and leaping on her hind legs. She will collapse on the ground and may vocalize or bite. The buck will then mount the female rabbit and fiercely shove her till she ejaculates. The mating process then starts.

Tripping after mating

After mating, male rabbits usually collapse. This seems to be a fainting spell. The cause of the fall is unknown, however it is generally followed by loud grunts. Male rabbits also fall after giving birth, so it’s unclear if this is typical. Observe your rabbits after mating if you believe mating has happened.

Male rabbits frequently fall over, groan, and lose control of their hind legs after mating. Mating depletes the animal’s energy reserves, resulting in the rabbit’s abrupt and dramatic collapse. The male rabbit will often stay in this position for a few minutes, indicating a successful mating. Male rabbits naturally fall over, and it is a sign of a healthy mate for the female.

Male rabbits may stomp their legs or collapse after mating, while female rabbits may swoon. Female rabbits mate with a dominant male rabbit, although this behavior may be traumatic for young bucks. As a consequence, they have a lower proclivity to mate with a dominating buck. As a consequence, male rabbits often collapse after mating owing to fatigued muscles.

Male rabbits begin mating at the age of eight months. They must keep their reproductive abilities for at least two to three years. Young male rabbits may mate with a female every three to four days, however adult male rabbits can mate up to six times in seven days. Male rabbits’ muscles also tend to stiffen before mating and release after ejaculation. This behavior is totally natural as long as you are consistent with your rabbit’s mating behavior.

Male and female rabbits hit the ground while mating. When male rabbits hit the floor after mating, the clunking sound of the metal flooring becomes more evident. Female rabbits, on the other hand, tend to stay immobile for longer periods of time. Female rabbits often stay motionless for a longer period of time during mating, allowing them to be more productive breeders.

Soft excrement

Diarrhea is one of the most prevalent issues that may arise in rabbits. If left untreated, this illness may be fatal. Diarrhea may be caused by a poor diet, bacterial and viral illnesses, parasites, or an excessive use of oral medications. Diarrhea symptoms might vary depending on the reason. Rabbits may also have low body temperature and stomach pain in addition to diarrhea. Their respiration may be quick as well, and they may shift positions to alleviate pain.

In rabbits, there are two forms of feces: hard pellets and soft droppings. The cecum, a bag between the small and large intestines, produces the former. Cecotrophy is the habit of a rabbit eating these pellets straight from the anus. Some feces include mucous or are grouped together. Soft droppings have also been known to induce rabbits to collapse after mating.

If your rabbit has this condition, he or she need quick medical assistance. You may browse an internet listing of rabbit veterinarians to identify one who understands what to do. These knowledgeable veterinarians are prepared to treat your rabbit’s urgent requirements. If necessary, they will be able to prescribe antibiotics for your rabbit. These are simply temporary solutions, but they may benefit your rabbit’s condition.

In addition to soft droppings, rabbits may have a condition known as splay leg. This disorder is distinguished by aberrant leg angles. Baby rabbits housed on smooth surfaces are often affected by splay leg. Rabbits with splayed legs may struggle to move and are more prone to fall down after mating. Keep your rabbits apart to prevent this problem.

Toxemia is a potentially fatal illness produced by soft droppings. While a modest number of soft droppings will not cause your rabbit to collapse, an abundance of soft droppings might cause sickness to develop. Toxins may kill your rabbit if you do not treat the illness. Proper shelter and nutrition may help to prevent or cure the illness. If your rabbit does not have enough nutrients, he may collapse after mating.


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