Do Rabbits Chew on Toilet Paper Rolls?

While a standard sheet of toilet paper is not ideal for a rabbit to munch on, shredded or entire toilet paper is. Not only is toilet paper safer for rabbits than regular sheets of paper, but it also compacts into a smaller ball. This compressed structure facilitates the passage of the rabbit. As a result, toilet paper tubes make excellent rabbit toys. Aside from the obvious health advantages, toilet paper makes excellent rabbit toys.

Toilet paper

Although toilet paper is okay for rabbits to consume, it is not a suitable substitute for hay or a natural chew toy. While the paper is not digested, it does contain chemicals and should not be offered in excessive numbers to rabbits. If you’re anxious to provide your pet with stimulation, you can make toilet paper rolls into amusing DIY toys. Toilet paper, unlike hay, is created from a plant-based substance and does not include glossy or printed components that might hurt your animal.

Paper shreds

It’s a major benefit if you can provide your rabbit with a secure spot to hide and play. However, keep in mind that toilet paper rolls are not the safest toys for your rabbit. They may rip up your paper and consume it. Even while they are not poisonous to your rabbit, an excessive amount might clog his digestive system. Because the ink in newspapers might irritate its stomach, your rabbit may avoid eating it unless it is boring or hungry.

The whole paper

Do you ever worry whether your rabbit is consuming toilet paper rolls? Yes, the answer is yes! Toilet paper is safe to chew on in moderation and is a great source of entertainment. However, excessive use might result in intestinal obstructions. Toilet paper and other forms of home paper contain toxic chemicals that may harm a rabbit. Toys and enrichment choices for your pet include toilet paper and unrolled rolls. Here are some toilet paper and rabbit-related tips.


Toilet paper rolls make excellent bunny toys. They like chewing and shredding paper found in the toilet. Toilet paper rolls offer excellent hiding spots and may assist to improve the lives of your pet. Toilet paper is also not a chemical danger to rabbits. Toilet paper, tissue paper, and paper bags all appeal to rabbits and may give hours of entertainment and enrichment. Here are some suggestions to keep your rabbit from consuming toilet paper rolls.


You may have observed your rabbit recently munching on a newspaper. This is natural, but be cautious not to feed your rabbit too much newspaper. While a newspaper printed with soy ink is not detrimental to your rabbit, a huge piece of the newspaper may create a variety of health issues. Because rabbits are extremely sociable creatures, bringing a new one into your household is a terrific way to alleviate boredom and stimulate connection.

Chew toys made of wood

Toilet paper rolls make fantastic rabbit chew toys. Rabbits like the texture of cardboard. These can be transformed into decorations that your rabbit can reach. If you don’t have any spare toilet paper rolls, tear them up and offer them to your rabbit to munch on. Simply make certain that the pieces are tiny enough to fit within the tubes. After that, fill them with Timothy hay.


Yes, the answer is yes! Toilet paper rolls make fantastic rabbit chew toys! Toilet paper rolls roll up smaller than a standard sheet of paper, making them simpler for rabbits to travel through. Fill the tubes with hay or straw, snacks, or sticks for further chewing delight. Just be careful not to give your bunny too much toilet paper! This will keep it from becoming a choking danger for your pet.


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